Realme is a Chinese brand which was started by Ski Li in China, it is a technology-oriented brand which puts all of their efforts and expertise in creating phones for the ‘Next Generations’. Their marketing strategy is pretty straightforward and their motto of creating smartphones is to design high-quality smartphones with high-end specifications that appeal to a youth centric mindset. Although the brand has recently opened for business, officially established on the 4th of May 2018, it has created a huge shift in the mobile industry. Providing its users with the ultimate 'Youth Flagship’ mobile phones.

Realme was a huge hit in the Indian market and it even became the fastest selling brand in Indonesia upon its release in the said country. A huge concept in the brand's ideology can be figured out from their tag line which reads 'Power meets Style’ ensuring that its users get all the high-end specifications and features in a very stylish design that pleases the eye, all that in a very reasonable price tag. Realme is currently rated as the most emerging smartphone brand in India. Realme's price announcements in Pakistan have been made on the 2nd of January 2019 and the tech enthusiasts have started to line up their heavy expectations from the brand. Some of the models expected in Pakistan are Realme 2 Pro, Realme C1 and Realme U1. More models and their respective variants are expected to be announced soon.

Realme's official executives have made bold claims about targeting at least 60% youth in Pakistan and while that is an awfully large claim to make, judging by their past records can you really blame them?

Working in the mid-budget category:

The medium budget category or more accurately the mid-budget category is the under 50k portion of the current smartphone category.

Almost all phones which will be released by Realme in Pakistan are expected to be under the 50,000 price tag which can be a real game changer. In an era where almost every new release by almost every company has been cruising over the 1 lakh price tag, this could indeed be a real game changer.

Is Realme and Oppo same?

This is going to be a very common question in the minds of the consumers and it is bound to get them confused but we cannot really blame them, can we?

Oppo and Realme do share their alliances but not their objectives and their target audiences. With the announcement of the Oppo F11 Pro we can be sure that Oppo is trying to get their hands in the bigger leagues, the phone remains an absolute beast with a price tag that may shock some of its previous owners. On the other hand, Realme is a totally separate brand which is excessively trying to capture the Youth audience. Almost all their phones are being released at very reasonable prices. While OnePlus still remains an integral part of Oppo's parent company, Realme is trying to break away from the pack through the efforts of the initiator Ski Li.

In a nutshell, Oppo and Realme are not the same brand but more like siblings or partners.

Realme Pakistan History:

Realme is yet to be released thoroughly in the Pakistani market and have their metal tested. Although results in India, Indonesia and China are impressive figures, Pakistani market has still a huge stigma attached with these 'Chinese brands’.

On 2nd January 2019 Realme announced its slate of their smartphones in Pakistan. Hopefully, Realme sets huge bars of performance similar to what happened in India and Indonesia.

Checking your Realme warranty:

In order to check your Realme warranty, you are still going to have to use Oppo Pakistan's website. The procedure is easy and very reliable. For further details check the link below