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What is PriceOye?

PriceOye is a price comparison website. It helps you find the best, lowest prices for everything sold online in Pakistan, starting with mobile phones.

How do I find a product on PriceOye?

It’s simple! Simply click on the magnifying glass icon in the top-right corner, and enter the name of the product you’re searching for.

I can’t find product XYZ. What’s up?

Good find! Let us know at We will add it if it is appropriate.

Product XYZ has incorrect information / dead links. What’s up?

Our bad. Please send an email to , and we’ll fix it.

How many online shopping stores does PriceOye support?

PriceOye supports all of the most popular online shopping websites you know and love including HomeShopping, Yayvo, iShopping, Mega, and ShopHive. We have a dedicated team working to increase the number of supported stores.

Can I buy or sell a product on PriceOye?

No. We would love to serve you better, but for now PriceOye is just a tool for you to find out the lowest prices in Pakistan.

Do I have to sign-up to use PriceOye?

No, you do not need to sign-up to use PriceOye. We will be introducing optional accounts later so you can save and keep an eye on your favorite products’ prices.

Is there a way I can subscribe to price changes via SMS or email?

Not yet, but we are working on a way to do it.