Xiaomi took the budget smartphone world by storm when they announced the Mi1 smartphone in 2011. It was amongst the first of a new breed of premium Android smartphones that were sold by budget prices of around $300 or Rs. 30,000. Since then, Xiaomi has grown to become a top 5 smartphone manufacturer worldwide - just behind the likes of Apple, Samsung and Huawei. Xiaomi is known for their amazing hardware specs, reliable software and amazing prices.

As mid-2016, Xiaomi doesn’t have any proper presence in Pakistan, but we expect them to launch their phones soon. Firstly, because Pakistan is the perfect market for such a phone. The average Pakistani cannot afford an iPhone or Galaxy S phone, but does want the same features. So, if you offer such a high-end phone for a low price, and market it the right way, you’re going to sell it aplenty. Secondly, Chinese eCommerce players are growing mainstream in the country so you can expect them to bring Xiaomi phones to stand out from other online stores in Pakistan.

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