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Samsung Galaxy Note 7: Rumored Specs, Price and Features

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Samsung is about to release the new Galaxy Note 7. Rumors are flowing in from everywhere. Today, we’ll look into what potential power the Note 7 will have and also discuss a special feature that might be showcased this year.

You might have also noticed that where did the Galaxy Note 6 go? Samsung has directly jumped to the Galaxy Note 7 to make the Note series parallel with the S series. So when the S8 will be released, the Note 8 will be released just after it.

Rumored Specifications

The Galaxy Note 7 will come with a 5.7” Quad HD display. It may have a Super AMOLED display to reduce battery consumption from such a huge screen. The Note 7 could possibly feature a dual-edge screen, similar to the Galaxy S7 Edge.

The Note 7’s big body will be easily capable of housing a 4000mAh or bigger battery pack. The OnePlus 3 has 6GB of RAM, setting a benchmark for other smartphone companies to have at least 6 gigs of RAM. We expect the Note 7 to have the same RAM. It is highly likely that Qualcomm will produce the Note 7’s processor. The Snapdragon 820 will be its processor. If Qualcomm manages to produce an 821 chip, then it will most probably a part of the Note 7.

Samsung has produced the best smartphone camera for the Galaxy S7. We are really looking forward to how good the Note 7’s camera will be. It will have a 16MP back camera and an 8MP front camera. HDR, panorama etc would be nice add-ons.

Samsung adds really nice features in its smartphones. Features like waterproofing, fast-charging and wireless charging will be part of the Galaxy Note 7. Upon launch, the Galaxy Note 5 was priced around 65,000 to 70,000 rupees. We can estimate that the Galaxy Note 7’s price in Pakistan will be near about 75,000 rupees and gradually decrease over time.

Iris Scanner: The Most Anticipated Feature

The above-discussed specs are nothing extraordinary. Everyone will expect Samsung to bump up the specs. But, what the users are always excited for is something new. This is why every year fans and enthusiasts await anxiously for the phone’s release.

We have reason to believe that the Note 7 will be having an iris scanner. Yes, an iris scanner. You will be able to unlock your phone in two methods, with the traditional swipe to unlock/passcode/pattern or you could use the iris scanner to scan your eye. This will be handy in encrypting your journal or email account etc to prevent trespassers from opening them. Its function is quite similar to a fingerprint scanner. Personal information protection could also be an additional functionality.

So, are you ready for what Samsung will unveil on 2nd of August? I surely am. We will know in a few weeks time, whether or not the Note 7 will have an iris scanner or other nifty features.

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