Samsung Galaxy S8: Rumored Specs & Features

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Android smartphone users prepare themselves every year for the announcement of the latest model of Samsung Galaxy S series. In our previous article, we covered a beautiful Galaxy S8 design concept. We have only scratched the surface. Now we will dig deeper and see what the Galaxy S8 might have in store for us in terms of hardware specifications.

Rumored Specs

  • 4K Display or UHD Display
  • Dual-Camera Configuration
  • 5.1″ Display
  • 3500+ mAh Battery with Fast Charging and Wireless Charging
  • Waterproof or Water resistant
  • Snapdragon 830 Processor
  • 32GB ROM with 6GB RAM


The essence of the design will most probably remain the same. Based on the rumored designs, we can confirm that the overall design will be a facelift at best. We expect the Galaxy S8 will have an glass + metal body, just like the classy Galaxy S7 design.


Strong rumors suggest that the Galaxy S8 will be sporting an Ultra High Definition AKA UHD display or a higher res 4K display. The screen size will be 5.1″, neither phablet big nor 4″ tiny. The main objective Samsung aims to achieve will be to make a display that can withstand the awesomeness of Gear VR. A pixelated display will not bring the highest of praise from the users.


It has been rumored that the Galaxy S8 will have a dual-camera configuration, similar to fellow rivals HTC 10 and Huawei P9. These phones have proven how good it can be to have dual-cameras. Rumors also suggest that this camera will be better than ever!

In other rumors, the lens for both cameras will be made by Samsung themselves and will not be given by Sony, as they have done for many years now.


Snapdragon chips are widely used by Android smartphones as their processors. Snapdragon 820 is the latest chips and used in flagships. By the time the Galaxy S8 will be announced, a new Snapdragon chip i.e. Snapdragon 830 will already be in the market. This processor will of course be faster and make better use of battery. Combine it with a new GPU, and this phone will be unmatchable.

Samsung sells most models of the S series with 32GB ROM so it’s most probably going to be the same this year as well. 32GB remains standard for now. While the amount of RAM remains a point to be pondered with, we guess that it must be at least 6GB RAM. A mere 4GB or under will not provide competition to the likes of OnePlus 3.

Nowadays smartphones have AMOLED displays to reduce battery consumption while also providing crisp colors and spectacular sharpness. Because of the UHD or 4K display battery consumption will be through the roof. Thus, the battery must be gigantic. It must be 3500mAh+. The edge version will have even more battery power. To provide fast charging and wireless charging features, the battery must be non-removable.

Rumored Price and Release Date

The release date of the Galaxy S7 was in March, a few months ago. On previous occasions, it has also been released in February. So we suppose it will be announced in the February-March month window next year. As for the price, the normal version is released with a price tag of around 80,000 rupees and the edge version costs an extra 10,000 rupees. Right now the prices of the latest models are:

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