Dawlance 1.0 Ton Sprinter Series Inverter AC (15)

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Default Specs
  • 1.0 Ton Capacity
  • Up to 60% energy efficient Energy Efficient
  • 1 Year Store Warranty Warranty

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Dawlance has served the people of Pakistan for many years with its reliable home appliances. It has provided us with many astonishing products using the latest technology and made our lives better. Dawlance has made its name in the Electric market with its excellent products and gained the trust of millions of its customers. It is growing its market with new branches all across the country. It was first established in Karachi and gained popularity in a few years. Now it is well-known even in the international market, all due to its reliable and innovative products. The Dawlance 1.0 Ton Sprinter 15 Series Inverter AC is an amazingly innovative product which will surely facilitate us in our daily routine. Some of the features of this Excellent Air conditioner are as follow:

What is Heat and Cool Function?

With the new technology, Dawlance was able to assemble an Air conditioner which can be used both in summers and winters. It can both work as an Air conditioner as well as Heater. Now you don’t have to buy a heater for cold winters separately. It will fully chill your room within seconds in the blazing hot summers. Through its powerful vents, It can rapidly bring down the temperature and Circulate the cool air all around the room. It has a wide range Air throw, so it doesn’t matter whether you are sitting in front of the AC or far in the corner, you will feel cool and peaceful.

What’s new in it?

It has many new features which totally distinguish it from any other conventional Air conditioner. It consists of Gold fin technology will protect the inner pipes and stuff from any type of corrosion and rusting. Your Ac won’t rust even after 10 years. It contains High-efficiency Tubing system which will allow the efficient cooling within a few seconds. It also has a Fireproof Control box which won’t get damaged even under extreme circumstances like a short circuit. It provides your AC 100% protection. It also has Rust-free pure copper pipes which are protected as well as energy-efficient. It also has a Refrigerant leakage detector which will let you know of any problem in the AC so that you can solve it without any damage and save your money.

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Dawlance 1.0 Ton Sprinter Series Inverter AC (15) is available at the price of Rs.71,910 It comes with a capcity of 1.0 Ton.Dawlance 1.0 Ton Sprinter Series Inverter AC (15) comes with a 1 Year Store Warranty warranty period.

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