Dawlance 1.5 Ton Inspire Plus Series Inverter AC (30)

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Dawlance is a well-known brand of home appliances all across Pakistan. It was first established in 1980. With its high success rate in Karachi, they expanded their market all across Pakistan. Since then, they have gained thousands of customers within a short span of time. The major reason behind their exponential growth is its quality product and latest technology. Dawlance believes in innovation. They want to provide their customers with the best in the market. It has over 4000 employees all working hard to make their product more reliable and efficient. Today, Dawlance is one of the largest home appliances selling network with its hundreds of new innovative products to make the lives of their customers easier. The Dawlance 1.5 Ton Inspire Plus 30 Series Inverter AC is one of its innovations. The features of this elegant Air conditioner are as follows:

Smart Choice

AC with its advanced technology and extra features like Sleep time with Smart control option, Remote control panel, Filter cleaning reminder, Customer support option, and Low Power Consumption makes this AC smart choice.

What is Smart control option?

Smart control is the newest innovation. It gives you complete control over your Air conditioner. You can completely control the working and sleep time of the Air conditioner. You can set timers for cooling and resting periods and you can use different modes effectively. Smart control lets you adjust the time period of cooling and sleep time. For example, you can set the cooling for 2 hours and sleep for 30 minutes and again the cooling for 2 hours. Once you adjust this your Air condition will work on the given direction and you won’t have to switch it on or off directly. This way you can minimize energy consumption and sleep peacefully without any worry. You will surely notice the decrease in your electricity bills.

Is it Energy-Efficient?

Dawlance keeps in view the customers best interest and makes products accordingly. This model of Air-conditioner is highly energy efficient with its pure copper compressor motor. It allows you to fully chill your room with the minimum energy consumption possible. It keeps in view the voltage fluctuations. The compressor is designed to bear these electricity fluctuations and provide the best results. The copper reduces the current influx and lessens your electricity bills to several folds. So we can say it is as energy efficient as possible.


  • 1.5 Ton Capacity
  • Up to 60% energy efficient Energy Efficient
  • 1 Year Parts, 3 Years Compressor Warranty
  • 1.5 Ton Capacity
  • Up to 60% energy efficient Energy Efficient
  • 1 Year Parts, 3 Years Compressor Warranty
General Features
Capacity 1.5 Ton
Type Wall Mounted
Inverter Yes
Energy Efficient Up to 60% energy efficient
warranty 1 Year Parts, 3 Years Compressor

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