Dawlance 5 cu ft Bedroom Series (9106)

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Let us have something premium…

If you have ever lived in a hostel or let’s say in a three-story building with a joint family, you will likely experience a flashback when you think about a mini refrigerator. The small refrigerator remains immensely powerful in a single room, boarding houses, and prevalent places, where they have always been a survival stick to night cravings for drinks, pizza, or ice creams in mini-refrigerators.

As we have heard that tiny bundles offer the best stuff! In this context, Pakistan renowned company, Dawlance, appealing and vivacious Bedroom series is ideal for those seeking modern architecture, comfort, and dynamic attributes to prevent you from going down to the kitchen.


OH! What is so good in this small package?

Dawlance Fridge 9106 is one of our favorite Single door refrigerators in a series of the small fridge that fits well in a trifling residence. Its internal freezer door preserves the cooling in the freezer compartment. This 5 cubic ft. the rectangular-shaped model provides a height of 1160 mm, a width of 525 mm, and a depth of 500mm for almost every region of the chamber. A relatively zero annoying sound compressor and mechanical thermostat are used for chilling and this unit has very good temperatures ensuring cooling while power breakdowns.

With utmost small refrigerators, there is only one major problem: they are power hogs. Due to the fridge size, the extent of insulation, just like in massive-size models, cannot be allowed and additional energy is required to retain cold. This makes the Dawlance to ensemble the model with 35% Energy Saving through ES Technology significant. The noiseless, power-efficient compressor utilizes the ecologically friendly R600a coolant and is capable of reaching its high-quality thermostatic temperature as rapidly just like any other mini fridge in this range. The collaboration implies reliable temperatures are achieved without giving a damn about food, as is the case in many portable fridges, being alternating freezing and unfreezing.


Aesthetically Beautiful

The artistic appeal of Dawlance Fridge 9106 compliments the atmosphere of your bedroom. With two modern sleek color range of Red and Grey, stylish Black gilt, a scratchproof work area, and the reversible door with embedded handle, the outside of the mini-fridge are identically amazing.

You cannot go wrong with this Bedroom Series Fridge!


General Features
Capacity 5 cu ft|140 ltrs
Dimensions 525 x 1160 x 500
Type Top Freezer
Door Single Door
warranty 12 years compressor warranty

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