Gree 14 cu ft (GR340VHCI)

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The magic of the new Gree 14 cu ft (GR340V-HCI)

GREE knows that efficiency is a magic word in business and that is exactly why they have created a range of comprehensive products with consistent top level functioning. The duct-less systems and high-tech energy conservation system not only eliminates bacteria and viruses but also ensures a healthy, comfortable and productive environment that supports the whole team.

PriceOye is joining the GREE team and brining to you refrigerators that are not only pleasant-looking for the eyes but also climate efficient for Pakistan.

The ultimate features

The new GREE GR340V is more energy efficient compared to the regular refrigerators. The operating system is quiet and consumes less energy per annum.

The removable anti-bacterial gasket helps you clean the fridge easily which reduces the growth of bacteria immensely. Moreover, there is an easy way to get ice cubes perfectly in a tray with more storage. It is surely built with perfection to save you from the hassle of freezing and storing ice in the fridge.

The European compressor, SECOP, is one of the best compressor present in GREE refrigerators. It greatly enhances the machine’s functioning by keeping long-term operation under low rotational speed which results in eventual low power.

Tropical Design

The new GREE refrigerators are designed keeping the climatic changes in mind. The “tropical” class is intended for a dry climate and the temperature range is +16’C -+43’C, making it suitable for Pakistan.  

Furthermore, the humidity controller is an ideal way to control and keep the important items fresh and tasty depending on their requirement of staying fresh. Usually veggies and fruits need a certain level of humidity to stay fresh for a longer period of time.


The height is 14 cubic feet in free standing form. The total number of racks inside are 4 giving you a leverage of keeping things in open space. The turbo cooling allows the items to quickly cool down and stay cool for good-enough periods.

GREE takes the phrase “home comforts” very seriously and by dedicating to the best innovative technology linked with refrigerators, the company is going to transform your house into a humble home, ensuring your personal space always being the oasis of calm and cool.


General Features
Capacity 14 cu ft|340 ltrs
Dimensions N/A
Type Top Freezer
Door Double Door
warranty 1 year parts, 10 years compressor

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