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Haier 50 Inch 4K UHD Smart LED TV (50K6500)

ShopHive Price Rs.75,499


Default Specs
  • 50 Inches Screen Size
  • 1 Year Official Warranty Warranty

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Advantages of Haier 50 Inch TV

  • Smart TV
  • Power Saving button
  • Amazing backlight control
  • Clock screen
  • Timer switch provided for standby mode
  • Parental control
  • USB photo album
  • USB audio player
  • USB video player
  • USB recorder
  • Quick start
  • Zoom
  • Timeshift

Disadvantages of 50 inch Haier Tv

  • Not a 5K TV
  • No 3D
  • Not a curved TV
  • It’s not a full HD TV
How many pictures and widescreen modes are available?

The LED TV offers you an option of 5 picture modes along with 4 modes of widescreen. A 3D comb filter is featured in the image processing technology, providing you a high-resolution image with noise reduction.

Is Haier LED 50 K 6500 a Smart TV?

It comes with a built-in Wifi providing the user to get easily connected on the internet through their TV. You would also be able to run the Haier app on the TV and be able to enjoy all the music, videos, and movies from all over the internet by simply connecting your Haier 50 Inch LED K 6500.

Is the TV eco-friendly and would it increase energy consumption?

Haier TV is built with a technology that is energy efficient that helps in saving your overall electricity consumption so you don’t have to pay a high amount of bills. It features a power button and a timer standby that switched the TV into power-saving mode when it is not actively used. Moreover, the TV is eco-friendly and doesn’t emit any harmful rays that could be dangerous for humans or our environment.

What is the price range of Haier LED 50 Inch K6500 TV?

There are different variants available for Haier LED 50-inch price in Pakistan, however, the Haier K6500 average price starts from Rs. 65,000 to Rs. 69,000.

The LED TV is visually stunning and the picture quality that it offers adds up to its price, providing you an exceptional experience.

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Haier 50 Inch 4K UHD Smart LED TV (50K6500) is available at the price of Rs.75,499 It has a 50 Inches screen.Haier 50 Inch 4K UHD Smart LED TV (50K6500) comes with a 1 Year Official Warranty warranty period.

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