Samsung 23 cu ft (RT62K7110SL)

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Pros of the Samsung 23 cu ft, RT62K7110SL fridge:

  • Twin cooling plus helps bring the food inside to the correct temperature and helps maintain the coolness to preserve food.
  • The capacity of the fridge is 23 cu ft. provides slightly more storage space as compared to the 22 cu ft version.
  • The fridge maintains a humidity level of 70% as opposed to the conventional 30%. This ensures the moisture stays locked inside the fridge and food is prevented from drying out. Helps increase food life and keeps it fresh.
  • The freezer preserves the freshness of frozen foods and prevents it from giving off a bad odor.
  • Five conversion modes that include freezer-fridge, energy saving, vacation, fridge max, and mini mode. The freezer can, therefore, be easily turned into a fridge when required.
  • The fridge also features the power cool and power freeze modes. The power cool feature chills food in a short amount of time whilst the power freeze feature helps form ice and freezes food fast.
  • The silent operation helps you keep your peace of mind.
  • Inverter built into the fridge makes the fridge energy efficient and eco-friendly.
  • The bacteria deodorizing filter helps prevent the bacteria from attacking the food inside the fridge.
  • LED lights inside the fridge help brighten up the interior to the maximum. Moreover, they also use up a small amount of energy to operate.
  • The built-in water dispenser provides water all day long.


Cons of the Samsung 23 cu ft, RT62K7110SL fridge:

  • Comes in only a single color.
  • Single door fridge as opposed to the 22 cu ft model having double doors.
  • Costlier due to high Samsung fridge price in Pakistan.


What sets this model apart from the two, 22 cu ft fridges offered by Samsung?

Honestly, there isn’t a major difference when compared to the similar fridge’s 22 cu ft model. Both are exactly similar looking, single door fridges. The only notable difference is the capacity each one offers. That too does not exhibit a massive jump.

So, if you are not very much into having a large amount of storage inside your fridge, the 22 cu ft model might just be enough for you. The only other choice you would then have to make, is to pick which of the 22 cu ft models.  Pick the 22 cu ft RT62K7110SL fridge only if you are not interested in double door fridges.


  • 23 cu ft|629 ltrs Capacity
  • 3 years Warranty
  • 23 cu ft|629 ltrs Capacity
  • 3 years Warranty
General Features
Capacity 23 cu ft|629 ltrs
Dimensions 836 x 1,862 x 788
Type Top Freezer
Door Double Door
warranty 3 years

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