Samsung 22 cu ft (RT62K7110SL) Price in Pakistan

Samsung 22 cu ft (RT62K7110SL)

Retail Price: Rs. 235,500

Key Features

  • 22 cu ft|629 ltrs Capacity
  • 1 year Warranty

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Samsung 22 cu ft (RT62K7110SL) is available in Pakistan at the price of Rs.235500. It has 22 cu ft|629 ltrs capacity.Samsung 22 cu ft (RT62K7110SL) comes with a 1 year warranty period.

FAQS: Samsung 22 cu ft (RT62K7110SL)

Pros of the Samsung 22 cu ft, RT62K7110SL fridge:

  • Twin cooling plus feature which helps maintain the set temperature.
  • The capacity of the fridge is about 618 liters.
  • Maintenance of 70% humidity by the fridge helps lock in the correct amount of moisture thereby, maintaining freshness and ensuring the food lasts longer.
  • Preserves frozen food ensuring the taste remains the same and no bad odors are released.
  • Five conversion modes that include freezer-fridge, energy saving, vacation, fridge max, and mini mode. The freezer can, therefore, be easily turned into a fridge when required.
  • Power cool feature chills food immediately.
  • Power freeze feature helps form ice and freeze food.
  • Noise-free operation.
  • The built-in inverter helps conserve energy and makes the appliance eco-friendly.
  • Built-in deodorizing filter which uses active carbon to help remove bacteria and allergens.
  • LED lighting inside the fridge helps illuminate every corner of the fridge whilst conserving energy.
  • Built-in water dispenser.


Cons of the Samsung 22 cu ft, RT62K7110SL fridge:

  • Comes in only a single color.
  • Bad odor reported by some buyers.
  • Single door fridge as opposed to the other model having double doors.


What makes both 22 cu ft Samsung fridges namely, the RT62K7110SL and RS50N3613SB different from each other?

The RT62K7110SL has a single door whilst the other one has a double door. Although both are available in a single color, the color for both is the same. Both have built-in water dispensers and LED lights on the interior.

The other main difference is that the RT62K7110SL has the twin cooling plus feature whilst the other one does not have this feature. It is obvious that both have the same capacity i.e. 22 cu ft but the double door fridge is slightly costlier according to the Samsung fridge price in Pakistan. A deeper comparison reveals that both have a great set of features but the single door fridge is still offering a lot more.

If you are not someone who is interested in a double door fridge, then the RT62K7110SL is definitely, the better option.

Is the Samsung RT62K7110SL fridge long-lasting?

Definitely, yes. Samsung is one of the most known companies in the market offers the most high-quality products. Moreover, a warranty that comes with the purchase will ensure that your money isn’t being put to waste.

A lot of users have reported this fridge to be simply, one of the best. It works as promised and has a ton of great features that not only make it modern but also, durable and stylish.

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