Nokia remained a household name for much of 1995-2005 decade in Pakistan as well as all over the world with revolutionary phones like the ultra-durable 3310, phone plus pocket computer Communicator series, and the all-around powerful N series, but they lost their way when Android came around. Nokia stuck to their aging Symbian OS, while every other brand moved to Google’s new mobile operating system. The Finnish company burst into the competitive smartphone market too late with Windows Phone.

Today it still struggles to compete with the high-end Android smartphones and the iPhone, but Nokia has carved an interesting niche for itself at the low and mid-end of the market. Nokia makes some of the best entry-level smartphones, giving you the greatest bang for your buck while ensuring you always get that famous Nokia-level quality in hardware. Windows Phone is still a great mobile platform for basic use. I would actually recommend you to give Nokia’s low-end phones a try if you have a limited budget.