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Samsung Care Pack

As a part of our vision to deliver original products to our valued customers, we have started rolling out warranty plans for your Samsung devices based on Samsung Care Pack. 

General Terms and Conditions

  • Following Terms and Conditions will govern the above mentioned offer whereby a limited number of eligible owners of Samsung Galaxy Products on the discretion of the Authorized Warranty Services Provider (AWSP) will receive up to 60 percent discount for the repairing or replacing of screen of damaged display happened to the Eligible Product Model. 
  • Eligibility Criteria for the Offer

    1. This offer is applicable only to certain selected Samsung Smartphones which were bought online from Please note that this offer is applicable only on Samsung smartphones which are clearly labeled as Samsung Care Pack by Priceoye. 
    2. This offer is applicable only when the devices are bought from Priceoye store and within Pakistan and which are launched in Pakistan.
    3. This offer is valid only on the selected products which are clearly mentioned in the invoice and product of Samsung you selected to buy at Priceoye. Table attached below showcases those products which are also conditioned with Priceoye labeling that particular product as such. 
    4. This Samsung Care Pack Offer Plan is valid only for one time for replacing or repairing a device within the one year warranty period. Plus, the warranty period for products will be starting from the date of its activation. 
    5. This offer stands only in cases where devices are: unintendedly shattered, screen damaged, or glass damages. It does not cover: Liquid damage, cosmetic damage, burn-in damage, black glass damage. Plus, this offer is not applicable in cases: cracked/shattered screen or glass, or when it is coupled with liquid or burn-in or cosmetic or a black screen/glass damage.
    6. Those devices or any of their parts are conditioned with the availability at the time at Priceoye which are categorized as eligible for this offer.
    7. Please feel free to always contact at this number 051-111-693-693 for any queries related to this warranty offer. 
    Serial No. Non-flagship or flagship models Eligible Product Model(s) Part eligible for the Offer Discount
    1. Non-flagship models Fold4 External screen/glass only Up to 50%
    2. Non-flagship models Fold4 Internal screen/glass only Up to 60%
    3. Non-flagship models Flip 4 Internal screen/glass only Up to 60%
    4. Flagship models S23, S23 Ultra, S24, S24 Ultra series Screen/glass Flat 50%
    5. Flagship models S23FE series Screen/glass Flat 50%
    6. Flagship models Fold5 External + Internal screen/glass Flat 50%
    7. Flagship models Flip5 External + Internal screen/glass Flat 50%
    8. Flagship models Any other flagship model(s) yet to be launched Whichever is applicable Flat 50%

    Terms and Conditions for Services 

    1. The process of providing you this service is explained in further detail below.
      1. Firstly, the customer will go to the one of the AWSP appointed by Samsung Gulf FZE (Samsung) in Pakistan with his/her Eligible Product Model(s). You will present the proof of purchase which is an invoice from Priceoye with a clearly mentioned Samsung Care Pack on it. Then, the AWSP representative will check and inform you about your product whether it falls within the warranty period and its eligibility for the offer.  
      2. AWSP will retain all the parts replaced by AWSP and customers have no right on it. Plus, the repairing of the Eligible Product Model can be delayed as it is conditioned with availability of spare parts at the time. 
      3. Please make sure to clear and back up all personal data and remove your SIM card or memory card from the Eligible Product model(s) that you brought for repairing. Priceoye or the AWSP shall not be held responsible for any loss or damage to the data or any other info stored on your device. 
      4. It is the sole discretion of AWSP in deciding whether the damage to the screen or any other damage is qualified for the offer or not. The customer shall have no right to challenge the decision. 
    2. Priceoye is entitled under its sole discretion subject to any applicable law, to change or terminate any of these Terms and Conditions at any time. As the offering of Samsung Service Pack Offer is not deemed agreeable to any liability. Thus,customers have no other claim or remedy with respect to the Eligible Product Model in extent of issues in display. 
    3. By agreeing to this offer, the customer accepts that in the event of any dispute of any nature whatsoever, directly or indirectly linked with these Terms and Conditions or the taking part in this Samsung Service Pack Offer will only be raised and handled between AWSP and customer and Priceoye shall not be liable in any manner whatsoever to the customer for any sort of loss, damages, or loss occurred in connection with these Terms and Conditions. 
    4. Kindly make note that any dispute arising out of this connection with these Terms and Conditions whether directly or indirectly or related to customers taking part in this offer shall be governed under the laws of Pakistan, and it shall be resolved by the competents courts at Islamabad.