Gree 1.0 Ton Lomo Series Split AC (GS12LM4)

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Default Specs
  • 1.0 Ton Capacity
  • High Efficiency Energy Efficient
  • 3 Years Store Warranty Warranty

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With the prime motive of converging our complex lifestyle into comfort by the assistance of technology, Gree continues to dive into a pool of research and retrieve the best possible home appliances. Surrounding its consumers with a sense of reliance and trust, Gree strives to produce an efficient and high-quality home appliance technology.

Dedicated to complete its objective, the brand presents us with the ultra-modern and the classic,  the Gree 1-ton ac in the Lomo Series. The launch of this alluring model has inspired millions of Pakistani users.

Elegant exterior

With glossed white finishing, the Gree 1 ton ac reflects the sophistication and luxury of an augmented living standard. The contemporary design and structure can aesthetically transform your room ambiance!

Also, the removable and washable panel makes the Gree 1 ton AC easy to use and maintain. You can conveniently remove the panel, clean it, and arrange it back.  Thus, reducing the chances of any potential air conditioner issue.

Enhanced Cooling

Apart from the visually appealing exterior, the Gree 1 ton AC provides turbo cooling which instantly lowers the temperature of your surroundings. The use of golden fin condenser and U-type inner groove copper pipe in the Gree 1 ton AC's construction further boosts the cooling system. With a four-way air outlet and multi-fan speeds, the Gree 1 ton AC maintains a stable cooling strength in a few minutes!

Also, the cold plasma technology is used to equip the Gree 1 ton AC with a cold plasma generator (12,000-18,000 BTU). The plasma technology removes unpleasant odors and delivers purified air. The installation of six health filters further removes dust, allergens, and pollutants from the air. Thus, maintaining a healthier and better lifestyle. Moreover, the powerful and tropical compressor enables the Gree 1 ton AC to establish better cooling in higher temperatures.

Low Voltage Startup (LVS)

Installed with a low-voltage startup system (LVS), the Gree 1 ton AC utilizes minimal energy. With Gree 1 ton AC modishly placed in your house, be ready to enjoy a wonderful cooling experience that is light on your monthly budget.

Intelligent features

The additional smart features of the Gree 1 ton AC doubles its work performance efficiency. The automatic drying operation enables the air conditioner to remove excessive water-vapor from a humid atmosphere to make it refreshing. Also, the comfortable sleeping modes maintains a suitable atmosphere according to your body temperature. Thus, ensuring a comfortable and peaceful sleeping time.

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Gree 1.0 Ton Lomo Series Split AC (GS12LM4) is available at the price of Rs.54,500 It comes with a capcity of 1.0 Ton.Gree 1.0 Ton Lomo Series Split AC (GS12LM4) comes with a 3 Years Store Warranty warranty period.

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