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PEL 2.0 Ton FIT Series Inverter AC (PINVHC24K)

Market Price: Rs. 105,000
Default Specs
  • 2.0 Ton Capacity
  • High Efficiency Energy Efficient
  • 1 Year Store Warranty Warranty

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PEL 2.0 Ton FIT Series Inverter AC (PINVHC24K) is available at the price of Rs.105000 It comes with a capcity of 2.0 Ton.PEL 2.0 Ton FIT Series Inverter AC (PINVHC24K) comes with a 1 Year Store Warranty warranty period.

FAQS: PEL 2.0 Ton FIT Series Inverter AC (PINVHC24K)

PEL contributes to your lives every day, by providing you not just appliances for a better lifestyle. The company is the pioneers of electrical manufacturing in Pakistan and their appliances make a difference in your lives whether it is through taking care of your home, your lifestyle, making your day to day activities easier or by helping you save energy.

The PEL 2.0-ton FIT Inverter series provide the solution to those Pakistanis with valid concerns with regards to their electricity bills.

The PEL AC has a price of around 72,000 Rupees in Pakistan in 2019.

High End / Full DC PINV-18K H&C FIT

The compressor motor draws only the optimum power required to maintain the set room temperature. In simple words, the compressor without going either On or Off functions on higher or a lower power basis the ambient conditions to maintain the set temperature. So, if the temperature outside drops through the night, the compressor will gradually, in line with falling temperature slip into functioning on lower energy levels. So not only is the room temperature maintained throughout, there's energy-saving as well.

A class inverter technology

This advanced technology feature guarantees optimum performance and high energy savings. This DC Inverter air conditioner is equipped with the technology to control the speed of the compressor motor, so the temperature is continuously regulating the temperature of your room, cooling it faster and drawing less power.

Low voltage startup

It starts the Air Conditioner even on 140 Volts that gives excellent energy saving experience. This AC works on a low voltage operate so you can stay cool in the heat even during voltage fluctuations.

Energy Efficient

PEL Air Conditioners are built to work on maximum efficiency that not only saves energy but also gives annual savings up to 60 %.

Full BTU’s

Full capacity units with a full wattage compressor that gives you an outstanding cooling experience.


The latest innovative technology that cools the room in just 30 seconds.

FINS CURE feature

This advanced feature protects and auto cleans the air conditioner with its anti-rust, exclusive air-purification and extended life feature.

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