Samsung Galaxy A3 2017 vs. A5 2017 vs. A7 2017: which one should you get?

2017 Galaxy A3 vs. A5 vs. A7: which one should you get?

The 2017 Samsung Galaxy A-team is bringing some fitting upgrades to its now-older 2016 A series. Not only can we witness some heavily toned-up specifications but a newer design is also on display. So which of the A3, A5 or A7 2017 suits you?

The A series entirely comprises of smartphones whose price-tags vary between mid to upper-mid price brackets. The A3 is the cheapest of the lot followed closely by the A5 and finally, the A7 sits atop the ladder. Although there’s always an A8 or A9 to follow, their specifications are vastly similar to the A7 with some very minor additions. That being said, below lies the criteria that should help you decide which of the A-teamers is meant for you.

The identical trio

When it comes to their design and build materials, all three A-teamers feature a dual-glass panel design with an unspecified version of Corning Gorilla Glass protection. The biggest news in this particular category is that the A3, despite being the cheapest of the lot, won’t miss out on dust and waterproofing and just like its more expensive siblings, features IP68 certified protection.

When it comes to their dimensions, all feature an acceptable 7.9mm width but differ on their weight with the A5 being the lightest of the three at 135g.

Your preferred display size

The display size is a very touchy specification for most people in our country. Regardless of how well the smartphone performs, one rather prefers having a large screen display. In this regard, the A7 comes out on top as it features the largest display of them all. Technology wise, all three smartphones feature a Super AMOLED capacitive touchscreen but just like their display sizes, their pixel densities also differ a bit.

The A7 features a 5.7 inches display with 386ppi pixel density. This amount comfortably stretches to produce a stunning 1080p HD resolution that goes on perfectly with the large display. Following on is the A5’s 5.2 inches display with 424ppi pixel density that also allows 1080p HD resolution as well. Finally, the A3 makes its way up the podium with a 4.7 inches display with 312ppi pixel density of its own. Leading to a slightly toned down 720p resolution, the A3’s resolution is pretty good for the price it commands.

Your thirst for uncompromising photography

Just like display sizes, having excellent cameras is one of the pressure points of an average Pakistani user. We’re pleased to inform you that all three A-teamers feature superb camera sensors with absolutely no compromise on performance be it the primary or secondary sensor.

Beginning with the A3, the device features a powerful 13 megapixel primary and 8 megapixel selfie sensor. The A5 and A7 on the other hand feature two hulk-like camera sensors with both the primary and secondary cameras packing 16 megapixels worth of power. No place for premium camera features such as OIS, phase-detection, laser autofocus etc. in the trio but you do get all customary features such as geo-tagging, touch focus, face detection and panorama with only HDR being exclusive to the A5 and A7.

How much performance matters to you

Performance wise, all three smartphones have produced excellent benchmark results with the A5 and A7 unsurprisingly topping the charts. This is because both of these smartphones feature a 1.9 GHz Octa-Core Cortex-A53 processor with an additive 3GB of RAM whereas the A3 features a 1.6 GHz Octa-Core processor with 2 gigs of RAM. All three smartphones have known to produce some excellent performances atop their Android Marshmallow OS and of all the three devices, the A3 was subject to some very occasional lag.

The A5 and A7 continue their similarities when it comes to 32 gigs of internal storage (the A3 features 16GB internal storage) and fast charging while USB type-C, a front-mounted fingerprint scanner plus 4 different color schemes are synonymous to all members of the trio. With regards to their non-removable battery capacities, the A7 packs the most battery life with a 3650 mAh battery while the A5 and A3 also feature respectable capacities at 3000 mAh and 2350 mAh respectively.

Last but not the least: your affordability

The A3 is the cheapest of the lot with a starting price in close proximity to 36,000 rupees. The A5 is priced at 42,000 while the A7 sits pretty with a price-tag close to 51,000 rupees. The specifications of these smartphones don’t filly merit their price-tags given a killer such as OnePlus 3 costs around 45,000 rupees. However, if you’re a Samsung fanboy, keep an eye out for their lowest prices all over the country right here on our website


So that’s all you need to know about these three A-teamers from Samsung. We’ve provided you with all the facts and it’s up to you now to decide which of these babies fulfills your requirements adequately while also simultaneously keeping an eye on your wallet.

Images via Android Authority.

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