PEL 8 cu ft Desire Infinite (PRDI120)

Rs. 38,000


Glamorized with an abstract gold or gray exterior, Desire Infinite PRDI-120 is one of the most user-oriented refrigerators introduced by PEL. The modest and apt construction of the refrigerator makes it a perfect choice for apartments or houses with limited kitchen space. Its unique & contemporary body brings about a sense of elegance and simplicity.

With a proportionately compact width of about 60.7 cm, it occupies minimal space.  It is 150.5 cm high and 71 cm deep, which gives it a short profile. 

Even with a small footprint, PEL' s 8 cubic feet Desire Infinite offers competent performance and features. 

Considering the peculiar simplicity of the model, PEL refrigerator price in Pakistan 2019 seems fair and commendable. This particular model comes with a warranty of 5 complete years for compressor & 1 year for parts and services.

Thrifty Construction

Being a top-mount refrigerator, Desire Infinite PRDI-120 offers slightly more than just the basic proportions of a full-size fridge. It has a capacity of 230 liters along with 5.7 kg freezing capacity, which makes it ideal for a small household comprising of 3 to 5 people.   

According to PEL refrigerator price in Pakistan 2019, it is one of the most economical models introduced yet. The refrigerator is not only cost-efficient but is also highly energy-efficient.

Operating at the current 0.96 Amperes and constructed with top-mount fridge technology, it saves electricity costs to a great extent. Since the freezer compartment is at the top, it consumes 10-25 percent less energy as compared to bottom-freezers and full-size refrigerators.

Working proficiently at ambient temperatures up to  55° Celsius, PEL Desire Infinite PRDI-120 is capable of dealing with the severest rise in temperatures. Its optimal performance is improvised with the thicker door insulation.

This budget-friendly appliance also offers more storage space and an adjustable thermostat. Automatic removal of frost layer from the evaporator coil ensures efficient performance of the refrigerator and prevents any excessive electricity uptake.

However, the freezer is not equipped with automatic defrost technology. Manually defrosting the freezer may be a tedious and time-consuming task, but it maintains a constant freezing temperature and allows minimal cold air to escape. Thus, consuming lesser energy to operate.

Aseptic Environment

Offering models equipped with the latest technology, PEL refrigerator price in Pakistan in 2019, is quite reasonable. Desire Infinite PRDI-120 guarantees a healthy and hygienic environment with its anti-fungal gas kit and AG+  Bacteria Buster which inhibits the growth of fungus and bacteria respectively.

The refrigerator also comes with a Crispo-Fresher tray which generates Vitamin C to keep the fruits & vegetables fresh for long.


  • capacity-specs-image
    8 cu ft|230 ltrsCapacity
  • warranty-specs-image
    1 year parts, 3 years compressorWarranty
General Features
Capacity8 cu ft|230 ltrs
Dimensions607 x 1505 x 710
TypeTop Freezer
DoorDouble Door
warranty1 year parts, 3 years compressor

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