Samsung 14 cu ft (RR39M7140)

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Is the 14 cu ft Samsung Fridge spacious enough?

Well with this new technology, the refrigerator was made large enough to contain up to 385 liters. It excels all the other models due to its Large Capacity. Moreover, it is specially designed in Cabinet Fit shape, which could fit in your kitchen without standing out. You can store all of your grocery shopping of the week in the fridge in an organized way. It stores the food neatly and in a sorted way with its various compartments and shelves. So now you won’t have to take out things to find that one ingredient you stored. You’ll just have to choose the right compartment and take out the thing you desire.

Does it form Frost?

It was designed in this way to eliminate the excessive frost and ice from the refrigerator. The frost at the back of the wall is a headache in the conventional refrigerators. This model cools down the foods with uniform cooling all across its length. It enhances the circulation of air with constant temperature in every corner of the refrigerator. So it does not expend extra energy in the formation of unnecessary frost. The All-round cooling system consists of multiple vents at shelf levels to maintain a multi-dimensional flow and constant temperature. It will keep food fresh and hydrated for longer lengths.

What is Smart Dongle?

It allows you to control the functions of the refrigerator with your smartphone. You can install the app and monitor any temperature fluctuations and receive alerts even if the door is left open. You can change the rapid cooling modes with your phone and don’t even have to consult the manual. Now it is quite easy for you to keep in check the temperatures and modes of the refrigerator.

Can it be converted into Freezer?

There is an option “Power Freeze” which will allow your refrigerator to cool rapidly and make ice. It will keep your ice cream fresh and frozen. It also allows you to cool your drinks and beverages much faster than the normal mode. It cools the food like almost 54% times faster. Is also has Digital Inverter technology to keep the compressor speed in check and reduce the noise to negligible. It also is designed for long term use and is quite durable. Is also has an adjustable bin in the door which will allow you to store the things of different sizes and shapes with ease.


  • 14 cu ft|385 ltrs Capacity
  • 3 years Warranty
  • 14 cu ft|385 ltrs Capacity
  • 3 years Warranty
General Features
Capacity 14 cu ft|385 ltrs
Dimensions 595 x 1853 x 694
Type Cabinet Fit
Door Single Door
warranty 3 years

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