Haier 40 Inch FHD LED TV (40E1000)

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  • 40 Inches Screen Size
  • 1 Year Official Warranty Warranty

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Haier, a leading world-class company in the domestic market of home-integration and network appliances,  is upgrading the technological standards of our households with its smart LED TV's.

Recently debuted, Haier 40 inch LED TV is yet another phenomenal addition to the E1000 series. The outstanding performance and brilliant features have made the model exclusively popular amongst the masses.

Aesthetic Appeal

Haier 40 inch LED TV aggrandizes the décor of your TV lounge with its thin lustrous body. The elegantly built Haier 40E1000 comes with a base stand, remote control (batteries included), a user manual, and an 18 months long warranty.

Weighing only 6.74 kg with its stand, the TV has a total height of 211 mm and occupies a 904 mm wide space. The thickness of this 40 inch LED TV is 553.7 mm.

With a resolution of 1920 × 1080 pixels, Haier 40 inch LED TV  glorifies your recreational screen-time. The sharp, well-defined image quality gives a fantastic viewing experience.

You can easily change different aspects of the display, including backlight, contrast enhancer, and edge enhancement with its multiple picture modes.

The standard, user, and mild modes maintain a high contrast ratio for natural colors, with slight variations. The vivid mode, however, brings about a noticeable change in the overall display, making the colors appear brighter.

Multi-Dimensional Sound System

Whether it’s a movie night or a gaming session, the high-powered sound quality system of Haier 40 inch LED TV will take the entertainment to the next level.

Along with a multi-dimensional enveloping sound system, Haier 40E1000 smart LED TV features Digital Noise Reduction technology, which ensures the clarity of sound and images.

Auto Volume Leveler - AVL

Fluctuating volumes during commercials or while switching channels often prods us to make a run for the remote. Therefore, Haier has endowed 40E1000 40 Inch Full HD Smart LED TV with Auto Volume Leveler. It stabilizes the decibel level of the audio.

Upgraded Accessibility  

Even when the internet's down, Haier 40 inch LED TV has got your back. The built-in Easy Smart Share option connects your smartphone or tablet screen with the TV, enabling you to access the stored music, images, and videos.

To prevent any unwanted interference, Haier has equipped model 40E100 with a Hotel Mode. Once you enable it, no one but you can alter the settings.

The HDMI feature enables connectivity with entertainment gadgets while VGA and RF input allows Haier 40 inch LED TV to link with computers, DVD Players, and other devices. Moreover, you can even record your favorite TV shows and enjoy them over and over again! 

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Haier 40 Inch FHD LED TV (40E1000) is available at the price of Rs.35,000 It has a 40 Inches screen.Haier 40 Inch FHD LED TV (40E1000) comes with a 1 Year Official Warranty warranty period.

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