Motorola is a legendary mobile phone company. They are known for designing and launching the first 'cellular phone' in the 1970s, as well as the first 'flip phone' and 'clamshell phone' in the 1990s. During the 2000s, Motorola rose to fame for its well-designed RAZR flip phones which has, over time, become the iconic mobile phone of the pre-smartphone era alongside phones like the Nokia 3310. Motorola faced significant challenges in the early 2010s, but it was bought and saved by Google in 2012 which later sold it to Lenovo. Lenovo now sells Motorola phones under a separate brand, as the Motorola name is still known much more than Lenovo worldwide.

Today, Motorola's Android mobile phones are considered to be amongst the best in the market. The Moto G series remains the budget smartphone of choice for many people, as it combines premium build quality, excellent specifications with an affordable price. Other series includes M, X, and Z which target increasingly higher ends of the market. 

Motorola has never really had a proper, full-blown presence in Pakistan, but things have changed. Since its parent company is Lenovo which has a significant presence here, they officially launched the Motorola brand in Pakistan in early 2016. Not all phones were available initially, so people still bought most Moto phones from grey markets where prices are considerably higher. With the official presence, the market prices have become more reasonable. Of course, you will find the lowest market prices for Motorola mobile phones here on All prices are updated automatically from trusted online stores, so you can quickly compare them and decide quickly. This is the price list to keep your eyes on!