Meizu is the latest of a swarm of Chinese manufacturers that’ve landed in our country in the last couple of years or so. The smartphone manufacturer has a similar manifesto to other similar producers such as Oppo, Infinix etc. that undoubtedly is to produce more in much less.

Although the company has been around since 2003 with considerable amount of revenue, it did take its time in coming to Pakistan where it’ll undoubtedly become a huge hit and stand toe to toe with other manufacturers in the national market.

Meizu is touted to become a popular brand in our country due to our masses’ inclination towards buying cheap and value for money smartphones. Although Huawei might be the so-called symbol of value for money at the moment, we’ve found Meizu and other smartphone manufacturers to produce equally competitive and even better devices within similar price ranges that admirably rival the big boys out there. 

We’ve personally tested one or two of its mid-ranged devices and we simply couldn’t find much differences between them and other more well-known Huawei, Lenovo and Xiaomi devices. Its notable launching phones in our country include the M3 Note and MX6. Both the devices shelter some immaculate specifications for the price they command that provide stiff competition to other smartphones in similar price brackets, even ousting some of them. Their use of premium build materials is another added bonus, something that every manufacturer simply does not do. Other than that, their processing power is commendable while we’ve also witnessed a trend of 1080p displays in most of their devices.

In short, the verdict on Meizu is that they’ll surely grab the attention of many a people in our country due to their releases housing substantial amount of specifications in the price tags they command. That’s exactly what our local population looks for so Meizu might just be your first go to option.