Samsung Galaxy J5

Rs. 23,533
Default Specs
  • 5.0 inches Display
  • 1.5 GB RAM RAM
  • 2600 Mah Battery
  • 13 MP Back Camera

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Samsung Galaxy J5 Problems

Samsung Galaxy J5 was a mid-range dual-sim phone introduced by Samsung in 2016. Although this is a solid performing device there are still occurrences of certain issues. After reaching out to many of its users and having research we came across certain common problems that Samsung J5 users were facing. These problems were

  • Apps Crashing and Freezing: Maybe you also face the same issue while using heavy apps or playing heavy games on your J5. This may occur due to a software glitch. In this case, we suggest you to first make sure that your phone software is updated. Once this is done uninstall the apps and then re-install a fresh version. If the problem still persists then report to the app developer as this could be a bug in the game.
  • J5 Screen Turns On Automatically: Screen turns on automatically after it’s locked. If you face the same issue check out the proximity sensors or show it to the nearest service center.
  • J5 Get Stuck on Logo Screen: After turning the power on, the phone goes just as far as logo screen. For this, remove the SD card first, connect your phone to a charger and then perform a factory reset. But wait; take note that factory reset will erase the data.
  • J5 Screen Flicker: The screen keeps flickering on low brightness. When not connected to power the phone screen refuses to power on but when connected to power the screen goes well. This is likely a hardware issue perhaps caused by a faulty battery. We recommend you to get your hardware or battery checked.
  • J5 Battery Drains Quickly: The best way to fix this problem is to back-up your phone data then do a factory reset. Once the reset is done, observe the battery performance for some time before installing the apps. If the battery is still draining quickly, then you need to get your phone and battery checked by the service center.

Samsung Galaxy J5 v/s S5

When we look at one of the flagship S series phones Samsung Galaxy S5 was seen parallel to J5. S5 was a high-end phone while the Samsung J5 catered the budget-minded customers. Furthermore, the Samsung S5 is a single sim phone with water and dust resistance.  It comprised of an older Android version that is KitKat 4.2 whereas Samsung Galaxy J5 has 5.1 lollipop Android version. Both of them were, however, upgradeable. Another difference between S5 and J5 is the RAM and ROM. S5 offers 16/32 GB ROM and 2 GB RAM. J5, on the other hand, offers 8/16 GB ROM with 1.5 GB RAM.


Samsung J5 Software Update

By the way, there is good news for J5 users. Recently, Samsung J5 software update was introduced, the first Oreo update for the existing version. This happened a few months ago when Samsung updated the Galaxy J3 to Android 8.0 Oreo. According to Samsung, Android 8.1 Oreo is designed to be more efficient on the low-end hardware. The new update made Galaxy J5 faster. User interface and animations are now more amazing.

So, have you received the Oreo update on your Galaxy J5 (2017) as yet? If yes, you can get the update on your own handset by tapping the download updates manually option in the software update menu of the phone’s settings app.

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Faisalabad Hussnain
you will fall in love with the screen, Gaming is superb absolutely. camera is also very nice. Video Recording

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