Samsung 13 cu ft (RT38K5010S8)

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What’s new in this 12 cu ft Samsung Fridge?

There are many new features in this dazzling refrigerator of Samsung. It comes with the new technology of Twin Cooling, which keeps your food fresh and hydrated for longer periods of time. It is quite efficient and preserves your food with 70% humidity. Normally the conventional refrigerators use 30% of it. The Twin Cooling technology separates your fridge and freezer completely. It overcomes the smell or odor from the fridge to get mixed with the frozen products, thus keeping them fresh and odor-free. 

What are the Conversion Modes?

It is one of the new features of this refrigerator. It has 5 conversion modes made on-demand. You can convert your freezer into the fridge whenever you want. If you are low on space and the food cannot be placed in the fridge, you can use your freezer as a fridge. It will work the same way with 70% humidity and keep your food fresh and hydrated.

Is it Energy-Efficient? 

It is clearly Energy Efficient. It utilizes Digital Inverter technology. The compressor of the refrigerator is adjusted according to the cooling demand. It consists of seven levels of cooling. The refrigerator adjusts the temperature itself according to the food and saves much of the energy as compared to other conventional refrigerators. Moreover, by adjusting the speed of the compressor, it overcomes the noise and works quietly without any disturbance. It is specially designed for long-term performance. It also have Energy Efficient LED lights on the front and sides of the door, which illuminates every nook and corner of the fridge, giving you better visibility.

What are Hygiene measures taken?

It focuses on hygiene as well. The refrigerator contains an Anti-bacterial protector which keeps your food from the harms of bacterial infections. It allows the air from the vents to pass through the activated Carbon-filter which removes all the toxicities and dust from the outside. It keeps the air inside clean and hygienic with its filters. It also works on making the air odorless, so that you can enjoy your food the best way possible. It also Chills your beverages and makes ice with its Rapid Cooling System to provide you the best instantly.



General Features
Capacity 13 cu ft|384 ltrs
Dimensions 675 x 1785 x 668
Type Top Freezer
Door Double Door
warranty 3 years

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