Google is known worldwide for a few things: Search, Chrome, Maps, and Android. Since launching Android in late 2000s, the software company has been steadily increasing its hardware products portfolio. When it comes to phones, they’ve been collaborating with other Android phone brands like Samsung, HTC, LG, Motorola, and Huawei for the “Nexus” series of phones. These are phones designed and produced by the aforementioned manufacturers, with software designed and optimized by Google.

More recently, Google has started designing and producing phones on its own. The “Pixel” series of phones - launched in late 2016 - were the first step in this direction. Google owns the complete software and hardware experience on them, bringing them closer to Apple’s iPhone. The first Pixel phones were manufactured by HTC, but are branded as phones made by Google.

Google Nexus phones were never officially launched in Pakistan, so we expect the same for Google Pixel phones in Pakistan. They will be available through unofficial channels, and of course, PriceOye will keep you updated with their latest prices.