Samsung 14 cu ft (RT39K5110SP)

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Being a paramount global home appliances tycoon, Samsung presents us with the ultra-modern and visually appealing 14 cubic feet model RT39K5110SP.  While striving to merge glamour into the shade of convenience, the Samsung refrigerator excels in all aspects of a good refrigerator's criterion.

Indeed, the addition of the Samsung refrigerator model RT39K5110SP can significantly stylize your way of life without compromising on comfort!

The Twin Cooling Plus

Samsung is well-known for its futuristic approach while developing technologies, therefore producing quality and efficient home appliances. The Twin Cooling Plus is yet another solution to create a desirable indoor atmosphere of the Samsung refrigerator.

While a regular refrigerator can merely maintain up to 30%  humidity level, the Twin Cooling Plus helps retain 70% humidity! Thus, creating a coat of moisture around food and preserving their freshness for long.

Have you ever experienced a nasty odor spreading all over the food in the refrigerator,  just because you left raw onions uncovered? Well, no need to worry now!

The Twin Cooling Plus in the Samsung refrigerator cools each compartment separately to prevents different odors permeate into the entire indoor fridge atmosphere. Thus, retaining the original flavor of each ingredient!

Convertible Cooling Modes

Do you want to store a basket full of fruits and vegetables so that you can defrost them from time to time and enjoy a delicious meal? Fortunately, the Samsung refrigerator model RT39K5110SP offers convertible freezing modes where you can turn your fridge into a freezer and enjoy flexible storage!

Moreover, the options of Power Freeze and Power Cool allows you to instantly freeze or cool different food items as well as beverages. With this Samsung refrigerator, there is no need to wait for the ice to freeze while you can create some with a single button click!

Energy Saver!

Samsung has installed the model RT39K5110SP with the exceptional Digital Inverter Technology, which alters the compressor's speed according to the cooling demand on seven levels. This process saves energy, creates minimal noise and, reduces friction for better durability.

Even more, the stylish LED lightning is extra power-efficient, which illuminates the refrigerator’s interior and enhances visibility.

A healthier lifestyle with the Anti-Bacterial Protection

A unique feature of this Samsung refrigerator is an installed, activated carbon filter that sterilizes the passing air while an anti-bacterial mesh kills germs. With the Samsung refrigerator model RT39K5110SP, enjoy a safe and secure eating experience!


  • 14 cu ft|390 ltrs Capacity
  • 1 year Warranty
  • 14 cu ft|390 ltrs Capacity
  • 1 year Warranty
General Features
Capacity 14 cu ft|390 ltrs
Dimensions 600 x 1635 x 722
Type Top Freezer
Door Double Door
warranty 1 year

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Rs. 206,712

Samsung 14 cu ft (RT39K5110SP) is available at the price of Rs.206,712

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