EcoStar 32 Inch 563 Series LED TV (CX32U563)

Default Specs
  • 39 Inches Screen Size
  • 1 Year Official Warranty Warranty

EcoStar 32 Inch 563 Series LED TV (CX32U563) Specs

General Features
Screen Size 39 Inches
Screen Type LED
Resolution 1366 x 768
3D No
HD Yes
4K No
Smart TV No
Warranty 1 Year Official Warranty


Pros of the EcoStar 32 Inch 563 Series TV:

  • Gorgeous, sleek and stylish speaker panel for maximum sound quality placed right below the screen.
  • Motion engine property allows the TV to display even fast-moving objects perfectly.
  • Play your desired content by using the side panel. This has a USB port and 2 HDMI outlets.
  • The TV has the capability to refine images to the maximum. Not only can it display black and white images in high contrast, but it also gives an incredible color output.
  • 32-inch wide, LED screen.
  • Can store up to 199 channels in its memory slot.
  • The TV is HD ready and gives a sharp and bright display.
  • Accessories included with the television include a user manual, remote with batteries, wall mount bracket, and TV stand.
  • The TV has a built-in power cable for instant plug and play.
  • Has the auto-off function.
  • The volume of the TV has an auto-control option.
  • The TV not only saves energy but also has a digital comb filter.


Cons of the EcoStar 32 Inch 563 Series TV:

  • It comes in only one color.
  • Does not have the WiFi hotspot function.


The 563 sound series televisions compared. Which one is the best?

All the TVs in the sound series by EcoStar offer the exact same features with only minor differences. The major differences are pricing and size. The EcoStar LED 32-inch price is not very high but it is still not worth the investment.

This is because by inputting a couple of more bucks, you get an even wider-angle TV with exactly the same features. The wider the screen, the better the television, therefore, the 39-inch model is worth considering. Not only this, but the largest model is also the most energy-efficient.

The 39-inch model uses only about 55 watts of energy whilst the others take up 65 watts of energy. No matter how you look at it, the largest model is definitely worth your money. Lastly, it offers all the modern features and comes with all the necessary accessories. These include a wall bracket and stand so that you can easily choose between placing the TV on a shelf or mounting it on a wall.

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EcoStar 32 Inch 563 Series LED TV (CX32U563) is available at the price of Rs.23900 It has a 39 Inches screen.EcoStar 32 Inch 563 Series LED TV (CX32U563) comes with a 1 Year Official Warranty warranty period.

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