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United Bank Limited Easy Monthly Instalments Terms and Conditions
Following are the Terms & Conditions applicable on EMI plan and are to be read along with the Credit Card terms and conditions:
1. Minimum purchase amount for each transaction should include only one product and be of value PKR 10,000 to book an Easy Monthly Instalment.
2. Only customers opting for EMI on PriceOye’s checkout page are eligible for this promotion.
EMI Service Charges
3 Months5%
6 Months7%
9 Months8%
12 Months10%
4. One Time Processing Fees: Flat 1.55% or PKR 600 FED, whichever is higher will be charged by the bank as per their Schedule of Charges. (SOC)
5. The conversion of purchase to Easy Monthly Instalments may take up to 7 working days.
6. Purchase on PriceOye to be made atleast 3 working days before the next credit card statement is generated to ensure the transaction reflects in that statement. For example, your statement date is March 24, 2021, then the purchase should be made before March 21, 2021.
7. If you make a purchase immediately after the statement date then the transaction will reflect in the next month’s statement.
8. The Bank providing EMI service is acting as corporate agent/distributor of third-party products/services and shall not be responsible in any manner to any person or to any claim.
9. In case of order cancellations by Priceoye, the instalment plan will be cancelled and no pre-payment charges will apply.
10. In case of order cancellations, it is customer’s responsibility to call PriceOye and cancel the relevant instalment plan.
11. UBL and PriceOye have the right to cancel this promotion at any time without any intimation.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I buy at Easy Monthly Instalment Plan (EMI) from PriceOye?

Easy Monthly Instalment (EMI) is a service offered by PriceOye that allows you to purchase items available on the website with a deferred payment plan using your credit card.

Enter your Credit Card details and select the tenure you wish to choose and buy your costly favorite picks in one go.

What are the conditions for EMI to be approved on PriceOye?

To be accepted for EMI transactions your total cart value must be equal to or less than your credit card's available credit limit.

In how many days will my EMI Plan be activated?

It may take up to 7 working days for the instalment to appear on your credit card statement after a purchase is made using EMI.

Can I buy multiple items on EMI in single order?

No, in a single order, you may only buy one item on EMI.