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Haier 24 cu ft Double Door (HRF748KG)

Market Price: Rs. 185,000
Default Specs
  • 1 RAM
  • 0 Mah Battery
  • 3 Back Camera

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Haier 24 cu ft Double Door (HRF748KG) is available at the price of Rs.197,799

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Haier is a popular company for the making of electronics and home appliances. Haier 11 cu ft (HRF-748KG) is one of the best inventions of hair. This double door fridge has a luxurious look along with all the accessories and parts. The machinery processes with enough warranty for as long as 10 years. It always amazes us with its new technology-based products and facilitates us to greater extents. Its motto is to inspire people with its technology and they are doing the task quite efficiently. They place their customers on the number one priority and forms quality products which are the reason behind their exponential growth over a short span of time. Some of the key features of this innovative model of the refrigerator are given below:

No Frost Technology:

It works on the principle of no frost technology. The no frost technology eliminates the excessive frost which gets attached at the back wall of the fridge. In other conventional refrigerators, it was quite a headache. So the Haier employee worked to get rid of it. No frost technology keeps your food fresh and hydrated for longer durations of time. The keep your food from freezing and preserve its natural form. It is quite handy while dealing with food containing brothel.

Inverter Technology

It is one of the latest technology utilized in refrigerators. It keeps your electricity bill in check and saves up to 30% of your money. The compressor motor of this model consists of copper which reduces the expending of energy and works efficiently by only utilizing low levels of energy. Inverter technology is recognized throughout the world now. It is far more energy-efficient than any other conventional refrigerator.


The price of this model of refrigerator is quite reasonable. The Haier company takes into account the status of its customers and brings down the price as minimum as possible. The company only chares the price which is expended while making the product. Therefore, the price of the model Haier 11 cu ft (HRF-748KG) is around 40-44 thousand.

Intelligent Processing

This is a new component of the latest technology. It keeps the temperature inside the refrigerator in check and maintains any fluctuations. It keeps the hydration of food in check and maintains the circulation of air accordingly. It also has multi-directional vents and a High Power Compressor.

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Key Specifications Key Specifications
Capacity 24 cu ft|688 ltrs 17 cu ft|495 ltrs 11 cu ft|306 ltrs
Warranty 1 year parts, 3 years compressor 1 year 3 years

Haier 24 cu ft Double Door (HRF748KG) Specs

General Features
Capacity 24 cu ft|688 ltrs
Dimensions 908 x 1790 x 738
Type Side by Side
Door 4 Doors
warranty 1 year parts, 3 years compressor

Haier 24 cu ft Double Door (HRF748KG) Price in Pakistan by Variants

Haier 24 cu ft Double Door (HRF748KG) 24 CU.FT. Black Rs. 197,799 Symbios

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