Price List of Big-screen-phones Mobile Phones in Pakistan

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Smartphones are seeing an exponential growth in fame on a regular basis. This can be attributed to the fact that instead of being a luxury, smartphones have slowly and steadily crept into a necessity nowadays due to the immense accessibility they offer on the go. While it isn’t hard to understand how important they have become for a student to a businessman, making them accessible to the masses was one of the many challenges they initially faced.  After that was achieved through budget smartphones, people started asking for more improvements which led to the mighty smartphone manufacturers stuffing their devices with more and more features to appease them. One of these features were large screen touch displays.

When it comes to an average Pakistani, we’ve observed that what they care about most are two things; a very good camera, both primary and secondary while their second weakness is owning a large display. Their judgment of an excellent smartphone is primarily based on these two characteristics without the actual knowhow of their qualitative prowess. Most people in Pakistan, because of being technologically unaware, are attracted by the quantitative side of things without even trying to go into the little details that make something better than the other. PriceOye, apart from being a leading price comparison platform, believes in using this portal for educating the masses as well so that they’re more self-aware of how technology works underneath the sugar-coated exteriors.

In a bid to enlighten our users about what differentiates a good display from a top-notch one is their resolution and technology used. So, instead of hastily deciding to buy a smartphone because of its large screen size, do take a look at what’s underneath it.

Large displays have always attracted the Pakistani public leading to all manufacturers operating in the country pay special attention to producing large screen smartphones. Be it budget smartphones or the top of the smartphone chain flagships, large screens have always been an important deciding factor for an average Pakistani. Just like powerful camera sensors, our general public is more concerned about “Barri sceen vaala phone” rather than their performance and other important hardware that makes a smartphone lag-free, standout or cutting-edge.

It is due to this lust and affection, smartphone manufacturers pay special attention in incorporating large display sizes atop their smartphones. Around 2012, the norm or adequate display size that people used to think was satisfactory for them stood at 5.0 inches. Similarly, 16 gigs of internal storage was also seen as a rather hefty amount. Fast forward 2017, both of these quantities have risen to 5.5 inches and 32GB respectively in accordance with increasing smartphone performance, added features and bigger camera sensors.

This and the added attention large screen smartphones receive in our country is our primary motivation to give our personal take on the best large screen smartphones in our country as of 2017. The list compiled features smartphones from all categories, ranging from budget to flagship level, with their display sizes just being the tip of the iceberg. They simply promise much more than just a large, top notch display