Price List of Budget-4g-phones Mobile Phones in Pakistan

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The world never stagnates. Everything from humans to the most basic of technologies evolves with time to meet the growing demands of the masses. While tens of thousands of inventions have made our lives easier, when it comes to mobile/cellular communication, 4G capability stands at a respectable position. Succeeding 3G, 4G or fourth generation mobile telecommunications is an evolution of cellular communication technology that allows a network to carry much more information, much faster than before. This leads to increase in wireless internet speeds, decrease in latency and an overall increase in user experience.

While the world is now moving towards 5G technology, cellular smartphones are still coming to grips with 4G technology. Smartphone manufacturers together with improving their hardware, camera prowess and display technologies are now also ensuring the fact their devices are packed with 4G technology. This ensures that their smartphones evolve with change and that they don’t lag behind by missing out on this ‘now’ important feature. Without 4G capability, a smartphone will not be able to receive/process 4G cellular signals leading it to miss out on amazing internet speeds and improved telecommunication.

Since adding a feature to any device incurs an increase in expenses, at first it was a real challenge to come-up with a way to incorporate 4G technology into budget smartphones. Budget smartphones is a term used for devices that belong to lower price brackets. In the hierarchy of smartphone pricing, we first have entry-level smartphones, then we have budget smartphones, then come the mid-rangers and finally we have the flagships.

Budget smartphones probably constitute the highest buying/selling proportion in smartphone markets. They’re the darling of the masses as most of the people in the world (and in-fact our country) can afford to buy these, over entry-level phones as well. We say this with conviction because of the fact that entry-level smartphones simply do not offer what is required to keep-up with the ever increasing pace of this world. Henceforth, when one sets-out to buy an entry-level smartphone due to budget constraints, the appeal of spending a couple of extra bucks in exchange for some highly improved specifications is enough to tip the scales in favour of budget smartphones.

Quite commendably, various smartphone manufacturers in the world most notably Huawei, Oppo, Meizu, Lenovo, Xiaomi etc. have smoothly incorporated 4G technology into their devices without incurring much to none price increase. This has led to an overall increase in pedigree of budget devices without a doubt as they will now keep-up with the world’s migration towards 4G technology.

Same is the case with Pakistan; thanks to the bombardment of different smartphone manufacturers in the country, more and more 4G-enabled budget smartphones are now within the reach of the masses. As the buying capacity of an average man in Pakistan mostly lies within the entry-level to budget smartphone categories, this is nothing short of spectacular for the growing number of smartphone users in our country whose numbers have plummeted to in excess of 40 million active users. So, instead of playing catch-up, it’s time to move into the fast lane with some promising 4G budget smartphones available in the market right away